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    Dear Junior Fuel players, coaches and families,

    As our inaugural season has now ended, we wanted to express our sincere thanks to each and every player, coach, volunteer and member of the Junior Fuel.

    It has been an incredible season with many highs and few lows.  While we knew going in that things would not always be smooth, since we tried so many things that had not been done to develop hockey players in our city before, overall, we are so pleased with the season.  Offering 2 house practices every week and 3 practices for travel and select with limited amount of ice time was a challenge but one we rose to and believe that our players are much better for.  

    Power skating, while challenging with the number of players on the ice and in the locker rooms, was a big success when you see the improvement of our players from beginning to end.  We told you that your player may not like it or think it was fun.  You would see your player “standing around” but that standing around was not lost time if he/she took advantage of learning in the down time by listening to the instructor, watching the skater in front of them or concentrating on which edges were being worked on.  For the most part, our players took this challenge and made it their own and the result was seen on the ice during the games.  

    The house teams performed well in inter-league play.  It was disappointing that the All City tournament did not happen this year because the Junior Fuel teams would most likely have brought home all three trophies.  Getting to play the house league championship games in the Indiana Farmers Coliseum, with the ribbon board going with the Fuel logo, was a great way for our teams to end their season, where we saw three competitive games in this great setting.

    Our Lil Nitro majors and minors also got to play their last games in the Coliseum too.  What a great season this group had.  Not only did we have unexpected numbers, we saw great movement from the minors to the majors in season.  This is very promising for the future of the Junior Fuel program.

    The Select program was such a great asset for the Junior Fuel and worked well as a bridge between our house and travel teams.  The teams developed and competed well at all levels and brought home trophies and banners from their tournaments.  More importantly, this group really exemplified what it means to be Junior Fuel since they came together as teams and did not focus on what rink the players played out of for their house programs.  

    Our travel teams struggled a little in the beginning.  These teams had many players brought together from all around the city and had to get to know each other and learn to play as a team.  Players needed to get to know their coaches and understand the expectations.  The 16U team came home with a league championship and as the season went on many of these teams made it to championship games bringing home banners and trophies to the program.   It is fulfilling to see how much each of these teams and their players developed into being a hockey team instead of a team of hockey players.

    We are so proud of all the Junior Fuel teams!

    With this said, we will look to improve on our programs and offerings, even those that we thought were a success this season.  Looking to continue to find ways to better what we do, will only help better the development of our players in the future.

    Back to the thank you.  Thank you to our players, who worked hard all season but kept it fun.  Thank you to our families, for trusting in the Junior Fuel to develop your player and share our love of hockey with them.  Thank you to all the Junior Fuel coaches and volunteers.  Without you, none of this is possible.  The countless hours that you each give unselfishly to make the Junior Fuel a great place for children to become hockey players is priceless.  We truly are only as good as our volunteers.  

    As this season closes and we are focusing on the next, it was important to communicate to all of you how much we appreciate being part of the Junior Fuel with you.  As our program continues to grow, we are so excited for what the future will bring.  We hope you will be a part of it.

    Mike and Judi

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       The Junior Fuel is a hockey club dedicated to growing and developing youth ice hockey in Central Indiana.  The Junior Fuel is a not-for-profit organization that is committed to offering all levels of ice hockey for players from Learn to Play through Midgets and will include House, Select  and Travel.  Our goal is to develop your player to the top of his or her potential while having fun doing so.


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